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Advocacy calls are the key to any political campaign!

Whether you are running for School Board, Town Council, Sheriff, Mayor, State Representative, State Senator, Governor, or Congress, we can help you reach your constituents with the right message at the right time. Advocacy calls will enable you to reach out to your constituents anytime during your campaign.

During the candidate’s campaign, we will call constituents on behalf of the candidate to get the word out. We will describe the candidate's objectives and stance on issues. We will answer any questions, give out the candidates website, and leave messages on voice mail. We will inquire if they are Favorable, Undecided or Against. We will verify addresses for yard signs and ask if they would like to receive information about the candidate by email or US mail (if they do not have the Internet).  We will do Get Out the Vote calls on Election Day (to the Favorable voters only). We will make several attempts to reach everyone. We can even organize your phone banks (whether they are comprised of volunteers or paid callers) to make sure that your campaign is run productively and efficiently. We will email you a weekly (or daily) report. We work with a staff of experienced advocacy callers that are US based only!

  • Tele-Agent Recruitment (Staffing Services for Political Campaigns & agents are US based).
  • Political Campaigning (We manage candidates volunteers phone banks, paid callers, & CRM).
  • Political Script Writing
  • Political Surveys
  • Political Advocacy Calls
  • Administrative & IT Support
  • Reports Daily or Weekly

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